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Privatoria Features

  • Offers VPN, Proxy, and Secure Messaging Services
  • Simplifies Using VPN with Tor
  • Anonymous E-mail Address Provided for Sign-up
  • Secure FTP Server Included
  • 63 Tor servers and 19 VPN / Proxy servers

Privatoria Review

Privatoria is an online service that secures web surfing protection and web traffic encryption.

A matter-of- course question may arise why an ordinary web user, not a secret agent, might need traffic encryption for? Today, we spend most of our time online, undertaking various actions without thinking about due protection. Just like offline actions, online ones may involve significant risks for your money, dear people, your health and wellbeing, etc.

Privatoria offers services that perform the function identical to those of a life-jacket, bullet-proof vest or space suit for surfers, policemen or cosmonauts. Web users can feel totally protected online in the same reliable manner like specialists who risk their life in the real world. Here is Privatoria review to learn more about its services.

Best protection online

Privatoria enables connection to 63 Tor servers and 19 VPN / Proxy servers in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Egypt, Singapore and other countries. The company is expanding the network of servers in all corners of the world (see the map). Privatoria operates on all platforms and devices: Windows, Mac OS, Linux / Unix, Fire OS, Chrome OS, iOS, Android.

“No data mining” is the motto of the company that can be observed in every service and activity. Privatoria guarantees no traffic logs, no governmental backdoors, and no storage of users’ data for third parties. You can sleep soundly without any worries about the replica of Edward Snowden’s scandal.

Transparent refund policy and independent secure payment gateways ensure security of transactions and financial guarantees. Advanced web surfers know about the way to enhance security and create anonymity – Bitcoin crypto-currency. It is accepted as one of payment methods with Privatoria.


Due to Privatoria, public Wi-Fi usage has never been safer. Now it’s as easy as pie for you to stay safe while travelling abroad, being at home or working in the office. You can enjoy video-streaming freely, play online games without any restrictions, download your favorite music files openly, protect you financial data (account details, passwords, card numbers, etc.) from rogues, etc.

Privatoria offers such services as VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and Anonymous E-mails. Let’s have a closer look at each of them – their advantages, peculiarities and spheres of usage:


Privatoria encrypts your data to its remote servers and enables you to use public Internet through a

secure VPN. Privatoria’s VPN service supports the most popular protocols L2TP and OpenVPN.

  • You can change and hide your IP address from hackers and nosy parkers
  • No need to download and install additional complicated software; no technical expertise is
  • required (all complicated tech issues are settled by the service itself)
  • No personal data are required for registration; no logs are retained
  • Complex protection and doubled privacy for your sensitive information (VPN plus Tor)

Proxy / Proxy Tor

Privatoria’s IP hider solution is built on Proxy technology that prevents IP-communication services

from revealing your real geographical location, real IP address or browser version.

  • You can get secure IP address and surf anonymously without leaving digital footprints
  • You can unblock geo-restricted content and enjoy it from anywhere with high speed
  • without barriers – you can circumvent online restrictions imposed by some countries
  • Doubled security due to 2 channels employed simultaneously (Proxy Tor)

Anonymous e-mails

  • Opportunity to use additional PGP e-mail encryption
  • Anonymous letters are sent from different addresses in order to enhance anonymity
  • It takes just a few seconds to create a mailbox which is accessed through web interface

If you haven’t made up your mind yet and want to test a new service, Privatoria offers regular discounts and various trials (1 hour trial or 7-day- free trial).

Privatoria is a budget-oriented, cost-effective service. It has 3 different packages differentiated by the period of subscription: 3, 6 and 12 months, with the price range of $4,33; $3,83 and $2,74 charged per month accordingly. The payment methods available to users are PayPal, Bitcoin (which enhances your online anonymity even more!), and debit/credit cards.

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