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Where and how to watch UFC 229 – Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor

Posted on: September 30, 2018
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how to watch UFC 229

Until the biggest battle in the history of the MMA there are less than ten days. Already very soon, Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor will go to the octagon to lead the UFC 229 and decide which one is the real lightweight champion. This duel in itself will provide record indicators, but the matchmakers on it did not stop. In the co-main battle of the evening, the next contender for the belt at 155 pounds can decide. The cell is shared by Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis and this fight has every chance to become the most striking in the tournament. But that’s not all! In the main card of the event will be the next fight of Alexander Volkov. “Drago” will meet with the second ranking number Derrick Lewis and here too, can determine the applicant for the title. Are you still considering watching UFC 229 or not? Then MMA is not for you. There is no doubt? In this case, we offer you a detailed announcement of the upcoming super-tournament.

“What date is UFC 229?”, “When will Habib Nurmagomedov fight?”, “Where to watch the fight between Konor and Habib?”, “How to watch UFC 229?”

such questions constantly pop up in the comments to any news about the tournament. If you also ask them, you went to the right address. Our traditional “Memo to the MMA fan” will prepare you for the tournament perfectly.

Date of  UFC 229

Between the European part of Russia and Las Vegas, where the tournament will take place, there are about ten thousand kilometers and a lot of time zones. Do not be surprised that the date of the UFC 229 for our countries is different. The Americans will start watching the event when the calendar is still Saturday. For the Russians at that moment, it will be Sunday. Below is the tournament schedule, as well as the time of the start of the fight between Habib and Konor. Note Cageside.ru: Moscow time is indicated.

  • UFC 229 will start on Sunday (10/07/2018) at  1-15 in the morning .
  • The basic preliminary fights will begin on Sunday (07.10.2018) at  3:00 am .
  • The main fights of UFC 229 will begin on Sunday (07.10.2018) at 5:00 in the morning.







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When Alexander Volkov’s fight?

In the main card of the upcoming tournament our country will be represented not only by Habib. At UFC 229, another undefeated Russian, Alexander Volkov, will fight for the fight. According to the latest information, his fight against Derrek Lewis will be the second in the main event of the tournament. This means that the soldiers will go into the cage at about half past five in the morning.

When the fight Habib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor?

This issue is already one of the most popular in the search engines. Fight Habib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor will lead the upcoming tournament, which means that the exact time of its start will depend on the duration of the remaining fights of the main card. Given the average duration of fights, as well as the time that the promotion highlights on the performance of fighters and their withdrawal, it can be assumed that the main battle will begin after 7 am.

UFC 229: fights and contestants

A detailed announcement of all the fights of the tournament can be found on our website in this article .

Preliminary battles:

  1. Ryan LaFleur (14-2, 7-2 UFC) against Tony Matrine (13-4, 5-4 UFC);
  2. Gray Maynard (13-6-1, 11-6-1 UFC) against Nick Lenz (28-9-2, 12-6-1 UFC);
  3. Scott Holtzman (11-2, 4-2 UFC) against Alan Patrick (15-1, 5-1 UFC);
  4. Yana Kunicka (10-4, 0-1 UFC) against Lina Lansberg (8-3, 2-2 UFC);
  5. Tonya Evinger (19-6, 0-1 UFC) against Aspen Ladd (6-0, 1-0 UFC);
  6. Vicente Luque (13-6-1, 6-2 UFC) against Jalin Turner (6-3, 0-0 UFC);
  7. Sergio Pettis (17-3, 8-3 UFC) against Jussiere Formigi (21-5, 7-3 UFC);
  8. Sean O Mellie (10-0, 2-0 UFC) against Jose Quinones (7-2, 4-1 UFC).

The main battles:

  1. Michel Waterson (13-7, 5-2 UFC) against Feliz Herrig (15-6 MMA, 3-2 UFC);
  2. Derrick Lewis (20-5 MMA, 11-3 UFC) against Alexander Volkov (30-6, 4-0 UFC);
  3. Owens St. Prue (23-11, 11-6 UFC) against Dominique Reyes (9-0, 3-0 UFC);
  4. Tony Ferguson (23-3, 13-1 UFC) against Anthony Pettis (21-7, 8-6 UFC);
  5. (h.) Habib Nurmagomedov (26-0, 10-0 UFC) against Conor McGregor (21-3, 9-1 UFC) *.

How  to watch UFC 229? Broadcast online and on Match TV 

You can view UFC 229 in various ways. Below are the most popular options for viewing the tournament.

  1. The main sports channel of Russia, of course, will not pass past the main MMA event of recent times. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see Yana Kunitska fight live, because she is fighting in the early prelimes. The broadcast of UFC 229 on the Match TV will begin at five in the morning in Moscow.
  2. Do you want to watch UFC 229 completely? On our website, the tournament will be broadcast online. The link to the broadcast will appear here a few days before the tournament.



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