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Top Privacy Tools 2016

Posted on: June 1, 2016
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Top Privacy Tools 2016

All of us want to be secure when using internet. You need your privacy to be secure and no one to interfere in your personal matters. For this you use many kinds of privacy tools and using those tools you feel that you are secure and your privacy is also secure no one can see it but you are thinking totally wrong. There are so many uncountable tools for protecting privacy that are available on internet open source. Most of the people use them and feel satisfied. Almost every tool that is open source has a major weakness that leaks your privacy. The tools are said to be most effective but they are keeping you in blind and accessing your information.

Some of the tools that are best are discussed below and recommended to be used:

1. TOR Tool

TOR is a tool that is designed for browser. The basic work of this tool is to ensure that your data is safe and not being snooped. It makes it possible for you to be anonymous on internet. It keeps your data secure and safe by protecting your IP address. It is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. It must be tried.


2. VPN

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. As it is understood by the name that it provides you security and protects your privacy. VPN hides your actual location and assigns you another location by changing your IP address and making it to some foreign IP so why not to use VPN for best security and privacy. By using VPN it ensures the privacy and secures your data from being hacked and snooped. There are many VPN’s that are available on internet to be used but those which are best to use and are tested and recommended are Express VPN, Pure VPN, ipvanish VPN, Hide My Ass VPN and Nord VPN etc.




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3. Ad Blockers

There are many websites on which the flashing windows appear on the sides and there is something written in those windows to attract people to click them. When those windows are clicked the hackers and snoopers behind get your information hacked and creates problems for you. To be secure from these kinds of ads there is a tool that can be used and it is known as Ad Blocker. Ad blocker blocks and stops ads from being appeared in your browser. All the ads are online and when you click the ad it opens another window which may be a virus or that website may hack your data. So the solution to be safe from these ads is ad blocker.

Many Ad blocker extension available for Different Bowers:

  • Download Firefox Ad blocker …
  • Ad Blocker for Chrome. …
  • Blocking ads on Opera. …
  • Android Ad blocker app. …
  • Ad blocker for Internet Explorer. …
  • Ad blocker for Safari. …
  • Ad Blocker for Yandex Browser. …
  • Ad blocker  for Maxthon.
Ad Blockers


4. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is also a kind of ad blocker. It is just like ad blockers and it stops the ads from annoying you by blocking them and makes you invisible.

Privacy Badger


5. Signal

This is an app that ensures the safe communication. This application has unique features like push notifications for something when it is received and many more special features.

Signal App


Android app  !  Ios Iphone App

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