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How To Watch One Championship Live Stream

Posted on: September 18, 2018
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There is an event drawing near which will make your jaw drop, it is the One Championship live stream to be more specific. The PPV Conquest of Heroes will witness the bout between Yoshitaka Naito and Joshua Pacio. It will easily be one of the best fights come 22nd September 2018.

It will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta and can be watched at www.toggle.sg, however, it is imperative that you DO NOT watch without first installing a VPN service since the website is geo-restricted.

Here’s what you’ll need to do on Windows:

  1. You will have to switch to a VPN server in Singapore to stream it live.
  2. Go to https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/07-07-2018 and hit “On Now” to get the One: Conquest of Heroes stream going for you.
  3. And that’s all she wrote. You can now enjoy the stream and get the best in MMA action right from the comfort of your sofa.

What Is So Exciting About This PPV?

One Championship’s Conquest of Heroes is one of the best martial arts matches you’ll ever get to witness. And come 22nd September 2018, the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta will have its roof blown off!

But the issue most internet users run into is how to watch it live on their devices? Not everybody can be there to witness the action live. Moreover, the channels which are streaming the event are either geo-restricted or calls for subscription in order to watch the live stream.

What to do in that scenario? Where do longtime MMA fans go? Not a worry, simply follow the steps below and you can thank us later:

  1. After that go to region selection and choose Singapore to connect from.
  2. In your device’s browser, visit the link https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018.
  3. Choose “On Now” and you will be taken to the screen where you live stream, One: Conquest of Heroes.
  4. Now you are ready to enjoy all the action from some of the best MMA fighters around the globe.

Let us delve you into the main event bout at Conquest of Heroes.

Conquest Of Heroes Bouts

The main event fight will be between Yoshitaka Naito vs. Joshua Pacio for the Strawweight World Championship. The PPV will entail six other bouts in addition to a couple of Super Series fight. Therefore, we advise that you do not cash on in the opportunity as there is just too much going on to miss out!

One Championship’s Conquest of Heroes is only a click away. Simply pick the broadcasting channel of your choice and you are all set to stream the fights live!

Let us also check which channels are streaming the event.

Conquest Of Heroes Online Streaming Channels

We have outlined a list of channels that (both free and subscription-based), which you can use to watch the “Conquest of Heroes” action. But as already established, due to copyright and licensing issues, not everybody will be able to enjoy the fights outside of certain regions. So do how you make it accessible in your region. Read  on,

  1. Upon launching the app you will be presented with options to choose your location
  2. Hit connect from among the list of servers
  3. Now visit any of the broadcasting channels and if asked for registration, register
  4. That’s it! You can enjoy MMA fighters in action from anywhere around the globe

Following channels tend to broadcast One Championship fights:

  1. Fight Network in Canada
  2. Flo Combat in the USA
  3. ABS CBN in Philippines and Singapore
  4. Also, ESPN in the USA

Ways On How To Watch One Championship Live Stream – Conquest Of Heroes

In addition to the above, there are a variety of devices on which you watch One Championship Regin of Kings PPV. The devices range from iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV to Kodi, PS4, and Mac. You already on how to stream One Championship matches on Windows.

How To Watch One Championship – Conquest Of Heroes On IOS

Want to catch your favorite MMA superstars in action on iOS? Well, you have just come to the right place. Again, you will first have to bypass the geo-restriction by employing IvacyVPN and rest is as follows:

  1. Now head to Safari browser on your iOS and enter https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  2. After this, you’re in good hands. One Championship live stream is only a click away!

You’re welcome.

How To Watch One Championship – Conquest Of Heroes On Android

Android users, don’t lose heart. You can too bypass geographical limitations by,

  1. Upon opening the app, navigate to Singapore and then hit connect button therein
  2. In the default browser or any other browser, visit https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  3. Choose “ON NOW” to access the Conquest of Heroes live stream
  4. You are ready for watching One Championship and all your MMA fighters in action, FREE!

How To Watch One Championship Live Stream – Conquest Of Heroes On Roku

Roku happens to be one of the wildly popular streaming platforms and you can watch all the favorite TV shows and sports on it for free but with a VPN at the helm of it. Remember to switch to Toggle 2 when you decide to live stream PPV on Roku.

  1. Attach the Roku device to your router
  2. In Roku browser type the following address https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  3. Hit “ON NOW” and stream away in an unhindered manner at an HD quality for free of cost

How To Watch One Championship Conquest Of Heroes On Apple TV

Similarly, you can stream the content on your Apple TV

  1. Make sure to connect to the Singapore server
  2. Now connect Apple TV to your router and in the browser enter https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  3. Next step, choose “ON NOW” and you are good to go!
  4. If it asks for signing up (do so)
  5. And viola! You’re ready to enjoy the best in MMA action from Asia!

How To Watch One Championship Conquest Of Heroes On Mac

Mac users don’t have to lose heart either. Switch to Toggle Live 2 and stream

  1. Open the app, and select Singapore server in order to connect
  2. In your Safari browser type https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  3. Press “ON NOW” and you are ready to live stream the match (register should it asks you)

How To Watch One Championship Live Stream – Conquest Of Heroes On PS4

The PS4 users can easily live stream the fight on PS4 between Martin Nguyen and Kevin Belingon. Visit toogle.sg and live stream the entire event from the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect to Singapore location/ server
  2. In the PS4 browser type https://www.toggle.sg/en/channelguide/91/27-07-2018
  3. Again, hit the “ON NOW” button therein and you’re all set!

A Quick Overview Of The Matches

Final Word

So are you ready to stream the matches? You can have all the interesting bouts at your viewing pleasure on a number of your devices. Now that you know, why not enjoy your favorite superstars of the mixed martial arts arena in action! One Championship live stream – Conquest of Heroes kicks off on 22nd September 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

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