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Posted on: May 19, 2016
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Now a day’s online streaming is becoming so popular. Almost everyone is getting this method in to watch TV, listen to radio, documentaries, movies, anime etc. The reason due to which online streaming is becoming popular is that it allows the users to watch whatever they want with full freedom. You can watch a movie, a drama serial, listen to any radio channel and many more things. If you are watching a drama serial you can watch the previous episodes of any time and any date there are no restrictions. You can watch a movie any time. You can listen to any radio channel at any time and also you can listen to previous recordings of those channels.

2016’s Best Streaming Service VPN’s


If you have a normal cable connection and you have to watch a movie you would have to wait for the time on which that movie will be broadcasted but in the case of online streaming you don’t have to wait for anything. What you have to do is just type the name of the movie and the streaming starts and you enjoy watching the movie any time and if you want to watch some sort of documentary you would have to wait for it to be broadcasted and in case of online streaming you can watch it any time. If you want to watch a previous TV show that has been broadcasted in past you can’t watch it by using your normal TV Cable connection because it doesn’t provide you the facility to watch previous or past shoes, dramas and documentaries but when it comes to online streaming it is possible and very simple. Anyone can watch any program or whatever they want by just typing the name and date of particular thing that they want to watch. So that’s why online streaming is popular day by day.

But there comes a problem when you want to watch something and they message is displayed that you cannot watch the content because you are in a location which is restricted. What does this message mean? It means that there are some geo-restrictions or location based restrictions which doesn’t allow you to access the website from your current location. This really disturbs the people because they can’t access the website that they want to access to watch something. The users from some countries are allowed to access those websites and others are not allowed to do so. Every problem comes with a solution so this problem has also a solution. Let’s see what the solution of this problem is.

2016’s Best Streaming Service VPN’s


Solution of Geo Restrictions for Online Streaming:

People who want to use online streaming for watching their favorite shows, drama serials, documentaries and anime etc. when get a message that they can’t access the content they want to watch feel hesitated. Then a question must come into their minds that what is the solution of this problem? The solution of this problem is VPN. Yes VPN, it is an extension which can solve your problem. By using VPN you can access any website from anywhere. Whether it has geo restrictions for your place instead of these restrictions you can access the websites by using VPN’s. What you have to do is just buy a VPN service and get subscribed to it by paying some small amount of money. After getting it all done you have to install that extension and enter the information like credentials etc. Then you will be granted access to use that VPN. Just enable it and enjoy using it.

Working of Streaming VPN:

This question will arise in everyone’s mind who gets to know that VPN can grant them access to geo restricted websites. What is the trick behind this? Every computer has an IP address which is unique like This IP address actually represents your actual location and those IP addresses which represent the locations that are restricted to access cannot go further. There came a solution of this problem by web experts and it is VPN. VPN hides your actual location and assigns you another wrong location by changing your IP address and making it like the address which is allowed and now when you try to access the websites that are blocked in your location using VPN you can access them.

Recommended  Streaming VPN’s:

Some of the VPN’s that are best and are recommended to use for best services without any problem are listed below. You can buy them by paying some amount of money. These VPN’s are recommended to use for online streaming because they are the best one and are tested. They provide best services. They are Express VPN, Pure VPN, IP Vanish and Hide My Ass. Every VPN service has their own package and features you can choose the one which best suits you.




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Online Streaming Popularity:

According to the survey that was conducted by Park Associates in 2014 showed that approximately 25% of United States homes will start using online streaming in 2015. This prediction was proved true. Because so many people started using online streaming in 2015. More than 65% of US people converted to NETFLIX to watch online TV contents. This big change is occurring because users can watch anything without downloading it and they can watch their favorite contents anytime.

Chart: Video Streaming Services


Choosing Best VPN for Streaming:

That’s very important step that need to be taken. Choosing best VPN is very important for best services and fast streaming without any kind of problems. Choose a VPN which provides streaming at high speed.

Why Not Proxy Websites?

Yes, that’s a very good question to ask that why shouldn’t we use proxy websites which have same functions as VPN’s have and they are free. Then why one should buy VPN services if the proxy is providing the same services free of cost. The answer is that proxy websites do not provide same services. Proxy websites do not ensure security, they are too much slow so that the streaming gets disturbed and another problem is that they have too many ads which interfere in your work. VPN ensures security, provides high speed streaming with no ads.


Finally, the conclusion is that if you want to watch your favorite contents by online streaming and you are facing the problem of location based restrictions then the one and only way to enjoy streaming is by using VPN’s. So use Streaming VPN and enjoy online streaming with full security ensured, high speed and no advertisements. Buy VPN services now and get rid of restrictions.


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