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The number of users of VPN services for Android is growing every month. This is due to the rapid increase in the power of mobile devices. Using only a tablet, an office worker can become independent of location and perform tasks even outside of working hours.

  1. Multiple protocols for connection
  2. Network Security with a VPN for Android
  3. Increase traffic

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VPN service for Android

It is very important to ensure the encryption of corporate data that passes through the device subordinate. VPN services offer special conditions for users of mobile operating systems.

Basically, the use of VPN services on mobile devices is no different from PC applications. The application is installed, the settings are applied, and it subsequently carries out a secure transfer of data in the background.

VPN on mobile networks

A virtual private network provides encryption of incoming and outgoing data packets in a secure connection. There are several types of connection to a mobile network:

  • PPTP. A point-to-point protocol that connects to a server through a tunnel in an ordinary, insecure network. Security is provided by hiding information in data packets from external interference;
  • L2TP. It combines the L2F protocol from Cisco with PPTP from Microsoft. Less secure, because it does not have authentication mechanisms.
  • IpSec. Allows you to track the recipient, the sender, and the integrity of the packets. Special packets are added to the packets – encapsulation.

The work of the VPN on Android is slightly different from the traditional use of the service in desktop operating systems. A PC or laptop is often in one place. They are connected to one stable Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

To download information using the phone, VPN uses additional authorization mechanisms. The application is optimized for the regular change of network addresses in 3G or 4G standards.

Mobile devices are constantly on the move, so by default they are immediately connected to any free access point within range. In such circumstances it is difficult to use VPN, because the equipment on the other side determines different IP addresses and can not permanently support the communication channel.

Use VPN on Android devices

In addition to anonymity and security on the network, there are several other gadgets that use the VPN for Android. With the help of a tablet and CCTV cameras, you can organize a home security system against burglars. Streaming video of the terrain will be available on the smartphone at any time. In this case, the communication channel will remain protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

To implement the plan, you will need at least a free VPN, an IP camera, a tablet, and a synchronization program for these two devices. The most suitable option is IP Webcam, it is available on Google Play. First you need to connect to the VPN through the application or by entering the server address in the device parameters. Then synchronize using IP Webcam and configure the camera settings. Round-the-clock monitoring in real time will pull even a relatively weak tablet, because the process does not require the transfer of a large array of data.

Another area of ​​application is the extension of P2P traffic. By default, cellular operators have a restriction on the exchange of information through a smartphone. It’s enough to download a free VPN to android, and the limit of available services is enough for comfortable use of Skype.

Free VPN for Android

Most VPNs can be downloaded for free on Google Play. Some developers offer to remove certain restrictions or get rid of obsessive advertising in the application for money.

A recently released browser from Opera has a built-in VPN function. The company paid attention to statistics on the use of secure connections and decided to introduce this technology into its product. This move has received a lot of praise users, because the entire toolkit is fully integrated into one application. In addition, there are no restrictions and advertising.


The main drawback of the free version of SuperVPN for Android is a huge amount of advertising. Annoying messages are only withdrawn for an additional fee. As an additional limit, the program limits each session of use by an hour 20 days after the first authorization.

Despite this, the application works fine, although the list of free version servers is shorter than the premium. There are no additional options in the interface except the power button and select the country. Ping is 250 ms, incoming speed is 6.5 Mbit / s, outgoing – almost 20 Mbit / s.


Free of charge due to advertising, pops up every 20 seconds. If you want to download this VPN for Android, it’s better to buy a paid subscription. Limit traffic to 500 MB can not be expanded in any way.

A virtual location is established in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan. The results of access to servers in the free version are very disappointing. Streaming video from YouTube constantly hangs on downloading. Speed ​​is not enough to quickly install other applications.

How to set up a VPN on Android

After downloading the VPN, you need to configure it. For each application, this process is individual. In some, there is only one shutdown button, others offer more flexible options. The intuitive interface of the programs itself tells you what to click.

But with a direct connection, everything is a bit more complicated. Here you do not need to download anything, just take the data from the service provider. The necessary information is posted on the websites of companies. You need to enter it in the settings menu:

Go to the “Other networks” section It is located in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.
Click on the VPN. The device can request a PIN, this is a safety measure when using the built-in functions.
After entering the code, you need to specify the login, password, connection name and network data of the server. Save the changes.

FAQ about VPN services for Android

Are there VPNs specifically designed for Android?

Most VPN services are available for installation on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Does the VPN for Android protect the devices associated with my phone or tablet?

Most paid VPN services provide protection for several connected devices. More about this can be read in the characteristics of a particular service provider.

When setting up a VPN service, an access code is requested on the mobile phone. What it is?

The access code is the PIN code that you use to unlock the mobile phone. The access code is not provided by the provider.

How can I tell if a VPN works on my mobile phone?

The VPN icon of the selected provider appears.


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